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Vaccines and Vaccinations: Benefits, Impacts, and Controversies
Course Code: NA1790

Author(s): Patsy Barnes RN

Pre-approved for: ACM, CA BRN, CCM, CDMS, CLCP, CNLCP, COHN/COHN-S, COPS-KT, CRC, Delaware BON, Florida BON, RNs, RRP

Hours: 4

Vaccines and Vaccinations: Benefits, Impacts, and Controversies

This course discusses vaccines, their history, development over time, and how they work. We provide a list of the different diseases that are preventable, as well as the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) recommended vaccinations for adults and children. Vaccines can be a controversial topic as it is not universally accepted that vaccines are effective and without side effect. We explore those controversies as well as the myths and misunderstandings. As it relates to the controversy around vaccinations, in an attempt to show both sides, we present another view of immunizations. 


Course Objectives:
  1. Describe the history of vaccines

  2. Explain how the immune system works and why vaccines are effective

  3. List diseases that are preventable via vaccines

  4. Describe the history of vaccines

  5. Compare/contrast the varied myths about vaccines and their side effects

  6. Present the controversy that surrounds vaccines

Course Overview:
  1. History of Vaccine Development

  2. The Immune System

  3. CDC Recommendations

  4. Questions and Answers on Immunization and Vaccine Safety

  5. Misconceptions about Flu Vaccines

  6. Myths about Vaccinations

  7. The HPV Vaccination

  8. The Pneumococcal Vaccination

  9. Know the Vaccine Controversy


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