2016 URAC Cultural Competency (CC2016)

Author(s): Claudia Moore RN, QPCM, CCM

Pre-Approved for: ACM, CLCP, Florida BON, RNs

Credit Hours: 2

Course Format


Course Objectives

  1. Discuss the need for cultural competence as identified in the:
    1. CRC Code of Professional Ethics
    2. CDMS Code of Professional Conduct., and the
    3. CCMC Code of Professional Conduct

  2. Describe factors that affect a healthcare professional's ability to provide culturally sensitive care

  3. Explain why a key component of cultural competence is to examine one's own beliefs in terms of culture and explain why self-assessment tools can help healthcare professionals learn about their own assumptions, biases, and stereotypes.

  4. Describe the 5 constructs of Camphinha-Bacote's Culturally Competent Model of Care

  5. Explain the Purnell Model for Cultural Competence.

  6. Discuss specific transcultural communication techniques.

Course Overview

  1. Principles of Cultural Competence

  2. The Importance of Self-Awareness

  3. Models for Becoming Culturally Aware

  4. Understanding Health-Related Experience

  5. Delivering Patient-Centered Care

  6. Balancing Knowledge-Centered and Skill-Centered Approaches

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Wasn't sure about earning my CEU's online, but after taking a few courses am happy that I chose AAACEU's. The articles were very relevant and it worked with my time frame well.
Joel F.