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Transferable Skills Analysis: A Basic Guide to Finding Related Jobs
Timothy F. Field, Ph.D.

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HM2025: Transferable Skills Analysis

This course presents a time-tested approach and method for completing a TSA. Dr. Field has up-dated the Guide to include valuable information for the vocational expert in Social Security hearings as well as related legal settings. This textbook served as a basis for a presentation to attorneys and judges in the U.S. 5th Circuit of the Federal judiciary. The booklet is well-documented with an excellent bibliography, including relevant court-reported cases involving vocational experts.


1. Compare and contrast SSDI and SSI.

2. Explain:

the steps in disability determination
the Social Security Model
the four occupational code:

(1) Dictionary of Occupational Titles,
(2) Work Fields,
(3) O*NET Database,
(4) Standard Occupational Classification

3. Describe and compare the two methods of Transferable Skills Analysis:

Method #1: The Traditional DOT Approach
Method #2: The O*NET Approach (Employability)


Social Security Disability Law

SSDI and SSI - The Determination Disability

Occupational Information and Resources

The DOT, the O*NET and the COJ
Vocational Expert Testimony: DOT vs. O*NET
Explanation of Codes

Transferable Skills Analysis

The Traditional TSA vs. the O*NET Attempt
Method #1: The Traditional DOT Approach
Method #2: The O*NET Approach
Commercial Software Programs

Meeting the Daubert-Kumho Challenge


References and Bibliography

Transferability, Occupations & Jobs
Rehabilitation Consulting & VE Testimony
Admissible Expert Testimony
Relevant SSA Court Cases & Rulings
Relevant Web sites



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