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Crucial Accountability

Crucial Accountability 2nd Ed
Textbook: CRUCIAL ACCOUNTABILITY- Tools for Resolving Violated Expectations, Broken Commitments and Bad Behavior
Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, Ron McMillan and Al Switzler

18 CE Hours



  1. Explain WHAT is Crucial Accountability, WHAT to do BEFORE starting an accountability conversation and HOW to start an Accountability Conversation
  2. Describe and implement the tools for resolving violated expectations and broken commitments
  3. Apply the six sources of influence
  4. Explain and demonstrate how to maintain "Mutual Purpose" and Mutual Respect"
  5. Explain the differences and similarities between "motivation" and "ability"
  6. Explain and implement ways to avoid getting sidetracked when new problems emerge during accountability conversations

Introduction: What's a Crucial Accountability? And Who Cares?

Part 1 Work on Me First: What to Do before an Accountability Conversation
Ch. 1: Choose What and If: How to Know What Conversation to Hold and If You Should Hold It
Ch. 2: Master My Stories: How to Get Your Head Right before Opening Your Mouth

Part 2 Create Safety: What to Do during an Accountability Conversation
Ch. 3: Describe the Gap: How to Start a Conversation
Ch. 4: Make It Motivating: How to Help Others Want to Take Action
Ch. 5: Make It Easy: How to Make Keeping Commitments (Almost) Painless
Ch. 6: Stay Focused and Flexible: What to Do When Others Get Sidetracked, Scream, or Sulk

Part 3 Move to Action: What to do After an Accountabiity Conversation
Ch. 7: Agree on a Plan and Follow Up: How to Gain Commitment and Move to Action
Ch. 8: Put It All Together: How to Solve Big, Sticky, Complicated Problems
Ch. 9: The Twelve "Yeah-Buts": How to Deal with the Truly Tough

Appendix A Where Do You Stand? A Self-Assessment for Measuring Your Accountabiity Conversation Skills
Appendix B Six-Source Diagnostic Questions: The Six-Source Model
Appendix C When Things Go Right 262
Appendix D Discussion Questions for Reading Groups

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