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HM5001: Getting a Job in Case Management: Action Steps for Marketing Yourself
Previously Titled: Transitioning from Clinical Nurse to Case Manager: A Step by Step Guide

4 Contact Hours

TEXTBOOKS: Competency Based Resumes and Competency-based Interviews
Designed to help you re-write your resume and prepare for your Case Management interviews.


Online Course and Supplemental Textbooks: $61.00

Online Course Only: $28.00

For an in-depth and comprehensive series of courses (3) on all core competencies in Case Management, see our 3 part Certificate of Achievement program -- Case Management Essentials


  1. Define Case Management and explain the philosophy of Case Management
  2. Explain the Levels of Care and the difference between payer vs. provider positions in Case Management
  3. Discuss the Action Steps required to obtain a position in Case Management
  4. Explain the FIVE useful steps designed to help identify, promote and develop one's transferable skills.



Case Management: A rich history of coordinating care to control costs.


1. What exactly is Case Management?

a. Definition of Case Management
b. Philosophy of Case Management

2. What do Case Managers do? - An Overview

a. Eight Essential Activities with Direct Client Contact

3. Where do Case Managers work?

a. Levels of Care
b. Payer vs. Provider
c. Examples of Payer vs. Provider positions

1. Payer Side positions
2. Provider Side positions

SECTION II – How do I get a job in Case Management?

1. What steps should I take to get a job in Case Management?

2. Action STEPS Review

3. ACTION Verbs

4. Certified vs Certificate of Completion

5. Summary

6. References

  • Recover Audit Contractor Program (RAC)
  • Sample Job Descriptions


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