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Ethics-Dual Relationships


6 hours


The following class is presented to help all counselors, social workers, and vocational specialist (including the CRC and CDMS professionals) to meet their continuing education needs in the area of Ethics. Upon completion of the following class, participants should be able to apply relevant ethical principles as they apply to dual relationships.


  • Define Dual Relationship and explain the relevant moral principles
  • List and discuss potential problems involved in a dual relationship.
  • Explain an ethically based, risk-managed, decision making model that is helpful when considering entering into a dual relationship or when such relationships inadvertently develop.


ARTICLE #1: Dual Relationships: A Continuum Ranging From the Destructive to the Therapeutic

  • Practice and Theory
  • What are Dual Relationships?
  • Relevant Moral principles
  • Definition from ethical standards
  • Destructive Dual relationships: Sexual and Nonsexual
  • Therapeutic Dual Relationships
  • Assessing Multiple Relationships
  • Discussion
  • References

ARTICLE #2: Counselors' Experiences with Problematic Dual Relationships

  • Intro
  • Method
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • Acknowledgements
  • Reference

ARTICLE #3: Avoiding Exploitive Dual Relationships: A Decision-Making Model

  • Abstract
  • Dual Relationships
  • Ethical Decision-making models
  • A decision making model
  • Assumptions
  • The Model
  • Using Decision making model
  • Case illustrations-Case 1
  • Analysis
  • Case 2
  • Analysis
  • Discussion
  • Limitations

ARTICLE #4: Managing Risk When Contemplating Multiple Relationships

  • Assumptions
  • Questions
  • Risk Management
  • Implications for Practice
  • References

ARTICLE #5: Dual Relationships & Boundary Dilemmas

APPENDIX -- Code of Ethics for Rehab Counselors and Disability Management Specialists

New Code of Professional Ethics for Rehabilitation Counselors
Effective January 1, 2010

CDMS Code of Professional Conduct

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