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WC1025: Introduction to RSD
by Mary Elizabeth Greipp, RN, Ed.D, FAAN,
Associate Professor Rutgers University-State University of New Jersey
Offered through National Institute of Health


Books 4 You


Books 4 Case Managers, Rehab Nurses, Rehab Counselors, Life Care Planners and Social Workers. Many titles not available elsewhere.


After you study the information presented here, you will be able to:

1. Define reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome (RSDS).

2. Identify the three stages of RSDS and manifestations of each stage.

3. Outline treatment and nursing care priorities for a patient with RSDS.

4. Identify the 6 potential directions for basic and clinical research on new treatment strategies.


A. Case Study

B. Introduction

C. Bizarre Symptoms

D. A Three-Stage Profile

E. Sympathetic Testing

F. Focus on Pain

G. Psychosocial Aspects of Care

H. Unanswered Questions

I. New Research Directions

1) diagnostic criteria,
2) epidemiology,
3) RSD/CRPS model systems,
4) disease mechanisms,
5) integration between basic research and clinical research, and
6) therapy

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