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THANK YOU for your interest in setting up a CORPORATE ACCOUNT. Below are FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS relating to the Corporate Account.

What are the BENEFITS of a Corporate Account?

  • to encourage YOUR EMPLOYEES to learn new information in areas related to their profession;
  • as a recruiting tool to attract new employees
  • as a training tool for both new and existing employees;
  • to offer "custom" courses to your employees (related to ethics, URAC, NCQA, state & federal requirements, etc.)
    We will create these custom courses for your company at no additional charge.
  • to support your employees in the maintenance and renewal of their professional certifications --
  • as a marketing tool to introduce your products and services to Case Managers, Rehab Professionals, Social Workers, Nurses, Life Care Planners, etc.

To SET UP your Corporate Account, just call our toll free number: 303-300-2273

Once you have SET UP your Corporate Account --

  1. your EMPLOYEES can then complete the INDIVIDUAL REGISTRATION -- (using YOUR Corporate ID) and
  2. immediately start taking courses!


1. to offer Pre-Paid Continuing Ed courses to your employees or Association Members.

2. to offer State-Required Courses to your employees

3. to offer Custom designed courses on topics of interest to your staff.
We will custom design courses for your employees at no additional cost.

CALL: 303-300-2273 for help in setting up your corporate account.

How much does it COST?

The cost of the CORPORATE ACCOUNT depends on your budget for continuing education.

During the registration process, your company / association has the ability to specify the total annual benefit per employee by entering the amount in the Maximum yearly credit (in US$) per employee field. This field allows you to BUDGET the annual benefit amount alotted to each employee or association member.

The website offers total flexibility regarding the dollar amount allocated to each employee. As each employee registers, their individual account is credited with the Maximum yearly credit (in US$) per employee specified in the CORPORATE ACCOUNT.

The Corporate Account is only billed for courses TAKEN by their employees.

The Corporate Account is then billed monthly based on usage by your employees.

This amount (the Maximum yearly credit (in US$) per employee) is reset annually on January 1st. This amount can be the same amount for ALL employees OR it can be different for each individual employee (by name)

How do we pay for these courses?

Courses can be paid for in either of 2 ways:

  1. Monthly Billing based on usage OR
  2. Pre-Paid Hours (purchased in Advance of use)

Monthly Billing VS Pre-paid Hours

  • Monthly Billing: You are billed MONTHLY based on courses taken by your employees.

    Bills are sent via email to both the Contact Person and the Accounting Person identified in Registration.

  • Pre-paid Credit: CE credits can be purchased in advance of useage. As each employee takes a course, the pre-paid balance is reduced. The Pre-Paid balance can be replenished at any time by purchasing credits online.

CALL: 303-300-2273 for help in setting up your corporate account.

What REPORTS are provided?

The following reports are available ONLINE anytime:

  • Detailed Activity Reports (by Employee)
  • Evaluation Statistics and Feedback Report

For additional information: contact:



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