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There are 2 types of courses offered on this site:

  1. ONLINE Courses
  2. HOME STUDY Courses
See these additional links for important information:

NOTE: Links to YOUR ACCOUNT and TAKE TEST can be found under the YOUR COURSES tab on the top Navigation bar.


Online courses offer course material that is available immediately on the website. Once the course has been purchased, the course content is immediately accessible from YOUR ACCOUNT page. See the Courses Table toward the bottom of YOUR ACCOUNT page for a link to --

  • the course content,
  • the test and
  • your Certificate of Completion

for all courses that you have purchased.

To access the course material, just CLICK on the course ID (in the left hand column). This will take you directly to the course content.

The course content can either be read online OR you can print off the course material (along with the test) and complete the course in the most convenient of your choice.

For courrses that are 4 hours or longer, we recommend that you print off the test and complete it as an "open book" test.

To submit your test answers for grading, you will need to return to our website, log in and from YOUR ACCOUNT page, click on TAKE TEST.

See TAKING TESTS section below for more details.


QUESTIONS? Call us at 1-866-850-5999.



Home Study courses require a textbook. The textbook that is associated with each Home Study course can be purchased from this website OR it can be purchased elsewhere. However, the textbook is required to complete the course (regardless of where it is acquired).

For multi-part courses (identified as Part 1, Part 2, etc.), one textbook can be used for more than 1 course. Also, one textbook can be used by more than 1 person. (For example, an entire department can share one textbook).

In any case, the course material is found in the textbook as described in the Course Title (ie. Case Managers' Survival Guide, Nursing Case Management, etc).

From Your Account page, you can find the Instructions for each Home Study course that you have purchased. These instructions identify which chapters or sections are required reading for this Home Study course. The instructions also provide a link to the test. We recommend that you print the test off and complete it as you read the course material.

When you are ready to actually take the test (that is, submit your answers for grading), return to our website,, Log In (using your ID and Password). From Your Account page, click on Take Test and enter your answers.

See TAKING TESTS section below for more details.

QUESTIONS? Call us at 1-866-850-5999.



There is no additional cost for re-taking your test.

Tests are taken ONLINE. However, the test questions can be printed off first and completed as an open book test. We recommend printing the test off in advance for courses that are 4 hours or longer.

NOTE: All test answers must be entered at one time. If you enter half the answers and log out without submitting the test for grading, your answers will be lost.

Links to the test can be found is the following 3 locations:

  1. under Your Courses in the top Navigation bar there is a link to Take Test
  2. on Your Account page (this is the page you are taken to whenever you Log in. There is also a link to Your Account under Your Courses in the top Navigation bar
  3. on each Course Content page.

Once your test is submitted it is graded instantly.

If you PASS, you then proceed to the Evaluation and then on to PRINT your Certificate of Completion.

If you FAIL, the questions that you got WRONG are displayed. You can use your BACK button to return to the test, correct these answers and re-submit your test. This process can be repeated until you pass.

QUESTIONS? Call us at 1-866-850-5999.



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