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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need to register (or pay) to review the classes?
    There is NO CHARGE to register and NO CHARGE to look at the Course Overviews

    There IS a cost associated with reading the actual course content and receiving continuing ed credit.
  2. WHO is the target audience for these courses?
    Can I take these courses if I'm not a nurse, a social worker or a case manager?
    These courses are for the benefit and education of anyone interested in learning more about the topics offered. The Introductory courses are especially focused on the basics of case management.
  3. Can I print off the course rather than reading it on the screen?
    Just click on the frame containing the course content. Go to the File drop down menu and select Print.
  4. What if I loose my connection to the Internet or must leave before finishing the course?
    Once you have paid for a course, you can come back at any time to either complete reading the material and/or take (or re-take) the test.

    The Course Listing Table on YOUR ACCOUNT screen displays the status of --
    • courses taken,
    • tests taken and passed and
    • certificates printed.

    It gives you the opportunity to review the course content, take (or re-take) the test and print (or re-print certificates.
  5. What if I forget my Login ID or my password OR I'm having trouble getting logged on?
    If you forget either your ID or your password, contact the Webmaster either by email or phone: OR 303-300-2273.

    If you are having trouble logging in, it could be for 1 of the following reasons:
    a. You are entering the incorrect ID: It is possible that you are entering a letter when you should be entering a number, or vice versa. The ID assigned to you upon successful completion of your registration is in the following format: XX99999. XX=the first 2 initials of your name. For example: if your first name is Cathy, the first 2 digits of our login ID would be -- CA. The last 5 digits of your login ID (99999
    ) are numeric. Knowing that these 5 characters are all numbers will confirm that all of the Os are zeros NOT Ohs.
    b. Passwords are CASE SPECIFIC and the password you are entering is either the wrong characters or the wrong case: First, confirm your password. Then check the case. If you originally entered a password of CAT, then 'cat' would NOT work. Neither would 'Cat'. Making the password CASE SPECIFIC adds an additional layer of security to your account.
  6. Can I print my Certificate of Completion more than once?
    YES. You can actually print certificates as many times as desired - for each completed course . Re-prints after the original will indicate DUPLICATE. To re-print your certificate: LOG IN. You will immediately go to YOUR ACCOUNT -- All courses that you have completed and passed will be displayed in the Course Listing Table at the bottom of YOUR ACCOUNT screen. The Course Listing Table can be sorted in 2 ways: Alphabetically (by Course ID) OR Chronologically (by Date Taken) -- TO SORT: click on the appropriate column heading in your Course Listing Table.
  7. What if I don't pass the test the first (or 2nd or 3rd) time?
    You can always go back and re-take the test. Log on and go to YOUR ACCOUNT. In the Course Listing Table at the bottom of that screen, find the course you would like to retake and click on the far right column where it displays: Re-take test. (Don't forget you can view the course content while taking the test -- this should help you to answer the questions correctly.)
  8. Once I'm taking the test, can I go back and look at the course content?
    YES. At the top of the test there is a link to bring up a small window containing the course content.. (Click on: View Course Content)  You can adjust the size of the window for your convenience. If you click on this link and nothing happens, chances are the window is BEHIND your current screen. To adjust the window so that it comes up in FRONT: minimize the test screen (in upper right corner of your screen). Hopefully you will see the content window. Close that window. Maximize the test screen and re-click on View Course Content.
  9. After I pass the test, will I be provided with the correct answers to any question I missed. I want to go back and make sure I know the course material?
    YES. Once you successfully passed a test, you will be shown this information at the same time you are shown your passing grade. Should you want to go back and review your missed test questions, make sure you write down or note the information when it is first shown to you. This information is ONLY displayed when you first PASS the course.
  10. What if I didn't write down the correct answers and try to retake the test but fail it, what happens then? Will I need to keep taking the test till I pass it again??
    NO. Hopefully this doesn't happen and you know the course material well enough to pass the test another time. However, should you try to retake the test and fail, your original passing grade is not affected.
  11. What about refunds and grievances?
    Once you have printed a certificate, there is no refund for that course. However, if you read a course and feel that you should receive a refund, please contact us; we are happy to visit with you about your concerns. Refunds will be considered on an individual basis. We are committed to providing valuable and interesting course material that meets your continuing education needs. We encourage you to call us on our toll free # 303-300-2273 to discuss your concerns/questions/complaints, etc..
  12. Do I need to complete an evaluation for every course?
    All accrediting organizations require a completed evaluation for each course taken. Additionally, it is our only way to obtain feedback so we can continue improving the quality of our course material.
    Thank you, in advance, for sharing your comments with us regarding the courses offered on this site. If you have additional questions, comments, complaints or recommendations, please contact us: Email: OR Call: 303-300-2273.
  13. What if I don't have a printer to get my Certificate?
    If you are unable to print your certificate from your current computer, there are several options:
  • either find a friend who has a printer -- log on to their computer (with your ID and password) and print your certificate from their location,
  • email us and request a copy ( You must include your ID, your password and the course ID and title you completed, OR
  • call us and we will mail/fax you a copy of your Certificate. Our toll free number is: 303-300-2273

14. How do you select and screen your authors?

We come in contact with authors primarily through their published material. The Acquisitions Editors of the Publisher looks at the author's qualifications first. The degree of qualification may vary based on whether the published material is from a clinical reference book or a text book.

Some of the other factors used to determine a qualified author are:

  • their education;
  • teaching experience;
  • clinical experience;
  • writing ability and
  • their publishing experience.

Most of our authors are masters prepared, though it is not fair to say that it is the case with every single course; since many have doctoral degrees.

If an author is well known on the lecturing circuit, or sits on the board of a professional association, that also demonstrates a level of respect and acceptance by the nursing / case management community.

Published material is submitted to various reviewers for feedback prior to actual publication. The process for qualifying the reviewers is similar to that of the authors. These reviewers are asked to read and critique a body of work, in their specialty, for:

  • accuracy,
  • current content,
  • readability and
  • applicability to a course or clinical practice area.

The reviewers comments are taken into consideration by both the author(s) and the editors and included in the final manuscript (if applicable.

Many of our authors and reviewers are well known, well respected practitioners that continue to write and revise their publications each edition.



  1. REGISTER: In order to take a course, you must first register -- creating your own personal account that will
    • track the courses you have taken,
    • the tests you have passed (or not passed) and
    • the certificate(s) you have printed.

    CORPORATE ACCOUNT EMPLOYEES only: During registration, you must enter 3 additional fields --
    1. Corporate ID,
    2. SSN/Employee ID and
    3. Cost Center

    Your employer will provide you with the Corporate ID and the Cost Center.

    CORPORATE ACCOUNT EMPLOYEES only: It is not necessary to purchase hours UNLESS you exceed the Maximum Yearly Hours (that are paid for by your employer or organization.) Click on YOUR ACCOUNT (top of HOME page) to determine how many hours you are allowed.

    Hours can be purchased individually, at the time you would like to take a course, OR in blocks of prepaid time- offered at a discounted rate. For further information on the fees, discounts, etc. click on: SPECIALS, FEES and DISCOUNTS at the top of any page. Payment for all classes is by credit card.

    See Security Description for additional information regarding the safety and security of your transactions.
  3. REVIEW COURSES: . Select COURSE LISTINGS to display all courses. It is FREE to see the Course Overview which includes the course Objectives and the course Outline. In order to view the course content, you must first pay for the course.
  4. TO TAKE A CLASS: From the course listings, select: Take Course.
    NOTE: Once a course has been paid for, you have great flexibility in terms of:
    A. when you take the course
    B. when you take (or re-take) the test, and
    C. when you print your Certificates

    Any time after paying, (from Your Account screen), you can
    • re-read the course material (click on Course ID in left hand column of Course Table at the bottom of Your Account screen).
    • re-take the test (until you pass!) (click on Take Test or re-take Test in right hand column of Course Table at the bottom of Your Account screen), .and
    • re-print your certificates (click on Print Certificate in right hand column of Course Table at the bottom of Your Account screen, --
      ALL at no additional fee.
  5. You can read the course material either ONLINE or OFFLINE.
    To take the course OFFLINE, merely click anywhere in the course content area and select Print (under File at the top of your screen).

    You can also print off the post test. You can link to the test in any one of 3 locations:
    a. At bottom of Outline (to the left of the course content), or
    b. At the bottome of the Course contest (before the Reference List), or
    c. on Your Account screen (see link in header at top of each page)

    There is currently no time limit for completing the test with a passing grade.
  6. If you choose to complete the course OFFLINE, then to enter the test answers, return to our website and Login. You will go to Your Account page. Scroll down towards bottom of screen to where your take of courses is located. Find the appropriate course and click on Take Test in right hand column.
  7. Enter your answers and Submit test for grading. Your test is graded instantly. If you did not pass, the questions you answered incorrectly will be displayed. You can use your Back button to return to the test, change the answers you got wrong and re-submit. There is no additional cost to take or re-take the test.
  8. Upon passing the test, you will be asked to complete an Evaluation.
  9. Upon completion of the Evaluation, you are able to print your Certificate of Completion.



  1. The test can be taken as many times as you want -- at no additional cost.
  2. To access the test for a course, from HOME page, click on: YOUR COURSES in top navigation bar.
  3. From drop down menu, select: TAKE TEST
  4. The page displayed includes all courses that you have purchased.
  5. Select the appropriate course and click on Select Course.
  6. The test will be displayed. You can either PRINT the test OR TAKE the test.
  7. When ALL the questions have been answered, submit the test for grading.
    NOTE: All answers must be entered at the same time. If you close the test after answering only some of the questions, your answers will be lost.
  8. Your test is graded instantly.
  9. If you passed, you go on to the Evaluation and Printing your Certificate of Completion
  10. If you do not pass, the questions you got wrong are displayed. You can use your BACK button to return to the test, change the answers you got wrong and immediately re-submit the test for grading.
  11. This process can be continued until you pass. OR you can return another day and try again. In either case, there is no additional cost to re-take the test.



Certificates can be printed by selecting Your Account at the top of any page. All courses that have been selected and paid for are listed in a table at the bottom of that screen.

The status of each course is listed in the right-hand column of that table.

After locating the appropriate course title, click on the box which says Print Certificate.
NOTE: If you have not completed the Evaluation for that course, you will be asked to do that first, before you are allowed to print your Certificate.

Also, you may print as many copies of your certificate as needed.


All materials on this site © 2001-2004, by Compass Continuum, LLP unless otherwise noted. All rights reseved.


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