Detoxification and Substance Abuse Treatment (DA2024)

Author(s): US Dept of Health & Human Services

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Credit Hours: 16

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Course Overview

Treatment Improvement Protocols (TIPs) are developed by the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT), part of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

This TIP provides clinicians with updated information and expands on the issues commonly encountered in the delivery of detoxification services. It also reinforces the urgent need to be prepared to participate in the process of getting the patient who is in need of detoxification services into treatment as quickly as possible.
I. What Is a TIP?
II. Consensus Panel
III. KAP Expert Panel and Federal Government Participants
IV. Foreword
V. Executive Summary
Chapter 1. Overview, Essential Concepts, and Definitions in Detoxification
Chapter 2. Settings, Levels of Care, and Patient Placement
Chapter 3. An Overview of Psychosocial and Biomedical Issues During Detoxification
Chapter 4. Physical Detoxification Services for Withdrawal From Specific Substances
Chapter 5. Co-Occurring Medical and Psychiatric Conditions
Chapter 6. Financing and Organizational Issues
Appendix A: Bibliography
Appendix B: Common Drug Intoxication Signs and Withdrawal Symptoms
Appendix C: Screening and Assessment Instruments
Appendix D: Resource Panel
Appendix E: Field Reviewers
SAMHSA TIPs and Publications

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Course Objectives

  1. Refinement of patient placement procedures

  2. Increased knowledge of the physiology of withdrawal

  3. Pharmacological advances in the management of withdrawal

  4. Changes in the role of detoxification in the continuum of services for patients with substance use disorders, and new issues in the management of detoxification services within comprehensive systems of care

  5. Emerging issues regarding specific populations

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