Cannabidiol (CBD): What Healthcare Professionals Need to Know (NA1932)

Author(s): Patsy Barnes, RN, BA

Pre-Approved for: ACM, CA BRN, CCAPP, CCM, CDMS, CE Broker Provider, CLCP, CNLCP, COHN/COHN-S, COPS-KT, CRCC, CRRN, Delaware BON, MCBAP-Specific , NAADAC, RNs, VRA-Canada

Credit Hours: 4

Course Format

This course is online. All course material is available online and is accessible immediately after purchase from your account homepage. Certificate of Completion is available immediately upon passing the exam.

Course Overview

In this course, we will discuss Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD. We will review what it is and what it is not, including its historical medicinal uses. A review of current Pub Med research articles regarding CBD is presented. We will also look at current marketing trends regarding CBD and the potential challenges that are created for healthcare professionals. Finally, we will present some case studies highlighting scenarios healthcare providers might find themselves in.

Course Objectives

  1. Explain what CBD oil is and the difference between medical marijuana and CBD.

  2. Provide an explanation of the cannabinoid system.

  3. List benefits and risks regarding CBD oil.

  4. Explain the recent research conclusions in a review of Pub Med articles.

  5. Provide examples of the marketing regarding CBD oil.

  6. Discuss cases that the healthcare provider might encounter regarding CBD oil.

Course Outline

  1. What is CBD Oil?

  2. The Endocannabinoid System

  3. History of CBD Oil

  4. CBD Oil Research

  5. Marketing Trends for CBD Oil

  6. Potential Cases Involving Healthcare Professionals and CBD Oil

  7. Conclusion

Customer Testimonial

Lots of great, relevant information about various aspects of Cannabidiol (CBD). Very informative.
Alicia I.
- CCM, RNs