Confidentiality of Records for Patients with Substance Use Disorder (DA2026)

Author(s): US Dept of Health & Human Services

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Credit Hours: 2

Course Format

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Course Overview

This course presents the federal regulations regarding confidentiality of records for patients with substance use disorder. It covers the regulations, procedures, and safeguards regarding these particular records. Contained in it are rules regarding disclosure of information with and without patient consent as well as court ordered disclosure. Also provided are circumstances that warrant disclosure and those that prohibit it. The regulations in this part are not intended to direct the manner in which substantive functions such as research, treatment, and evaluation are carried out.
This course is the Electronic Code of Federal Regulations - Part 2: Confidentiality of Substance Use Disorder Patients 

Course Objectives

  1. State the rules regarding disclosure of a patient record that requires patient consent, doesn't require consent, and those that are court ordered.

  2. Present the process for reporting a violation of this act and the penalty for such.

  3. State which information is protected by this act.

  4. Discuss how a minor patient's information is protected under these regulations, as well as those of the deceased and incompetent patients.

  5. Discuss the security of records as well as the process for disposing of old records.

  6. List the relationships to state, as well as federal laws.

Course Outline

  1. Subpart A - Introduction

  2. Subpart B - General Provisions

  3. Subpart C - Disclosures With Patient Consent

  4. Subpart D - Disclosures Without Patient Consent

  5. Subpart E - Court Orders Authorizing Disclosure and Use

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