The Evolution of Case Management (MM1015)

Author(s): Elsevier USA

Pre-Approved for: CA BRN, CE Broker Provider

Credit Hours: 4

Course Format

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Course Overview

Chapter 1: Evolution of Nursing Case Management in a Changing Health Care System Outline

  • Dynamics of the Care Climate
    • Archetypal Changes
  • Preserving the Past and Projecting the Future
    • What is Nursing Case Management?
    • Why Nursing Case Management?
    • Restructured Reimbursement
  • Current Issues in Nursing Case Management

Chapter 2: Historical Perspective of Nursing Care Delivery Models Within the Hospital Setting

  • Evolution of Nursing Care
    • Models of Nursing Care
  • Professional Practice and Alternative Patient Care Delivery Models
    • Integrated Competencies of Nurses Model (ICON)
    • Partners in Practice
    • Contract and Group Practice Models
  • Nursing Care Management

Chapter 3: Historical Development of Case Management

  • Introduction of Case Management
  • Social Case Management
  • Primary Case Management
  • Medical-Social Case Management
  • Private Case Management
  • Components of Case Management

Course Objectives

  1. The Case Manager will be able to:
    Discuss the major paradigm shifts that have unfolded in the decade of the 1990s

  2. Review the nonnegotiables of Moral Health Care

  3. Review the history and theory of various models of professional practice and institutional patient care systems

  4. Discuss the historical development of the case management concept

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Customer Testimonial

An excellent course. A must for a new case manager and a great review for a seasoned case manager. I am excited to be a senior case manager. The course is extremely uplifting. I am proud to be a case manager.
Patricia G.