Navigating Dementia: Types, Challenges, and Ethical Considerations (NA2460)

Author(s): Patsy Barnes, RN, BA

Pre-Approved for: ACM, CA BRN, CCLCP, CCM, CDMS, CE Broker Provider, CLCP, COHN/COHN-S, CRCC, CRRN, Delaware BON, MSCC, RNs, VRA-Canada

Credit Hours: 6

CCM Credit Hours: 4

CDMS Credit Hours: 4

Course Format

This course is online. All course material is available online and is accessible immediately after purchase from your account homepage. Certificate of Completion is available immediately upon passing the exam.

Course Overview

This course delves into the complexities of dementia, exploring distinct types such as Lewy-Body, vascular, frontal-temporal, alcoholic, Alzheimer's, and LATE. Despite differences in causes and symptoms, these forms share the commonality of being terminal diseases. Caregivers grapple with ethical dilemmas surrounding treatment choices and care plans for patients facing these challenges.
The course also examines the profound impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on individuals with dementia, addressing new studies that shed light on the repercussions of this crisis on both research and mortality rates within this vulnerable population. Join us for an insightful exploration of dementia, its nuances, and the evolving healthcare landscape in the face of recent global events.
This course is ETHICS PRE-APPROVED for CCM, CRC, CVE, CVRP (2hrs), CLCP, & MSCC. The code of conduct for CCMC will be presented. 

Course Objectives

  1. Establish a comprehensive understanding of dementia, delineating its various types.

  2. Differentiate between Alzheimer's disease and dementia to enhance diagnostic clarity.

  3. Explore the treatment modalities for dementia and delve into behavior management, including the use of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM).

  4. Examine recent studies pertaining to dementia prevention and predisposition.

  5. Analyze the interconnectedness of COVID-19 and dementia, exploring their mutual implications.

  6. Delve into the ethical complexities surrounding end-of-life care in dementia and assess the broader ethical considerations that arise in the context of this condition.

Course Outline

  1. Dementia: Signs, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

  2. Types of Dementia

  3. The Difference Between Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia

  4. Treatment and Management of Dementia Behaviors including CAM

  5. Possible Prevention of Dementia

  6. The Cost of COVID on the Research and Deaths of those with Dementia

  7. End of Life and Ethics

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Very informative. The new information on LATE was appreciated.
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