Misuse of Prescription Drugs (DA2050)

Author(s): US Dept of Health & Human Services

Pre-Approved for: ACM, CA BRN, CCAPP, Delaware BON, Florida BON, MCBAP-Specific, RNs

Credit Hours: 2

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Course Overview

This research paper, generated by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), provides information on the misuse of prescription drugs and a framework by which to evaluate, treat, and manage the individual’s needs.
I. Summary
II. What is the scope of prescription drug misuse?
III. How many people suffer adverse health consequences from misuse of prescription drugs?
IV. Is it safe to use prescription drugs in combination with other medications?
V. Which classes of prescription drugs are commonly misused?
VI. Are prescription drugs safe to take when pregnant?
VII. How can prescription drug misuse be prevented?
VIII. How can prescription drug addiction be treated?
IX. Where can I get further information about prescription drug misuse?

Course Objectives

  1. Enhance assessment of the patient's condition and determine the best treatment method in collaboration with the patient and, when possible and desired, the patient's family and caregivers

  2. Understand staggering misuse of prescription drugs

  3. Advance prevention methods and treatment for patients struggling with prescription drug addiction and misuse

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