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Ethics in a Multicultural Context
Course Code: HM2006

Textbook: Ethics in a Multicultural Context
Author(s): Sherlon P. Pack-Brown, Carmen Braun Williams

Pre-approved for: ACM, CA BRN, CCM, CDMS, CLCP, CNLCP, CRC, CVRP, Delaware BON, Florida BON, MSCC, RNs, RRP

Hours: 10

Test and Textbook: $155.99
Test Only: $80.00
Ethics in a Multicultural Context


Ethics in a Multicultural Context is a practical text and resource book intended to help mental health practitioners and trainees develop ethical decision-making skills which reflect cultural responsiveness. The main focus is ethical decision-making in an applied counseling context.

The book: covers ethical dilemmas arising in face-to-face counseling interactions; the supervisory relationship; and the teaching of counseling.

Each chapter of Ethics in a Multicultural Context includes cases or critical incidents followed with suggested exercises that can be used in counselor education settings, includes comprehensive and practical treatment on ethical decision-making in a multicultural context and focuses on strategies to promote critical thinking in regard to ethical multicultural practice.

This course is ETHICS PRE-APPROVED for CCM, CRC, CDMS, CLCP, CVRP, and RRP. The CCMC Code of Professional Conduct will be referenced in this presentation.

Chapters 4 - 12
Chapter 4. Confused? Try Thinking in a Competent and Multicultural Context
  • Competence within a Cultural Context
  • AMCD Multicultural Competencies
  • Moral Principles of Three Codes of Ethics: The View within a Cultural Context
  • A Multicultural Framework: Ethical Thinking and Decision-Making within a Multicultural Context
  • Review of ACA, APA, and NASW Ethical Codes Within a Cultural Content
  • Critical Incident
  • Summary and Key Points

Chapter 5. Awareness: The First Stage of Ethical Thinking in a Multicultural Context
  • The Person and Then the Professional
  • A Framework Promoting Self-Awareness to Facilitate Understanding the Cultural Behavior of Others
  • Approach to Difference
  • Critical Incident
  • Summary and Key Points

Chapter 6. Knowledge and Skills, Stages 2 and 3: Ethical Thinking and Decision-Making in a Multicultural Context
  • Precounseling: Becoming a Helper Within a Multicultural Context
  • Adapting Learned Skills and Counseling Theory to Work Ethically Within a Client's Cultural Framework
  • Plan of Action: Moving from Awareness and Knowledge to Action
  • Ethical Decision Making In a Multicultual Context
  • Summary and Key Points

Section III Overview 
Chapters 7 thru 12 cover each of the following areas:
  • ACA Code
  • APA Code
  • NASW Code
  • Questions for Reflection and Discussion
  • Expert's Discussion
Chapter 7.  Dual Relationships

Chapter 8.  Unintentional Cultural Bias

Chapter 9.  Client Welfare

Chapter 10. Bartering for Service

Chapter 11. Fostering Dependency

Chapter 12. Boundaries of Competence

Course Objectives:
  1. Identify and apply the three stages of Ethical Thinking in a multicultural context

  2. Formulate a decision-making framework and concrete guidelines for ethical problem solving in a multicultural context.


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