Neurologic Disorders - Part 6: Neurotrauma: Traumatic Brain Injury & Spinal Cord Injury (RH1507)

Author(s): Elsevier USA

Pre-Approved for: CA BRN, CE Broker Provider, CRRN, Delaware BON, GA-SBWC

Credit Hours: 10

Course Format

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Course Overview

This course reviews traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury. The initial focus is on traumatic brain injury, where we will review the different types of traumatic brain injury. The appropriate types of clinical management and case management of TBI patients is then presented. The course transitions to spinal cord injury, where the effects/pathophysiology of spinal cord injury are discussed. Case management, comprehensive care, and frequent complications of spinal cord injury will also be discussed.  

Course Objectives

  1. Discuss Traumatic Brain injury mechanisms

  2. Describe types of Traumatic Brain injuries

  3. Review clinical management and case management of TBI patients

  4. Understand the effects/pathophysiology of SCI

  5. Describe comprehensive care given to the patient with SCI

  6. Review the complications associated with SCI

  7. Discuss case management issues with regards to patients with SCI

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