MSCC Training Program - Module 1: Workers' Compensation Insurance & Medicare (MSCC01)

Author(s): Reva Payne MS, CCM, CDMS, CLCP, MSCC, QRC

Pre-Approved for: MSCC

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This course is online. All course material is available online and is accessible immediately after purchase from your account homepage. Certificate of Completion is available immediately upon passing the exam.

Course Overview

Using the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Set-Aside Arrangement (WCMSA) Reference Guide Version 3.2 as a guide, the author will set the stage for our training and begin to guide the learner through the world of WCMSA. In Module 1, the learner will begin to understand the relationship between Workers' Compensation and Medicare, the history surrounding this relationship, and the statutory requirements, regulations, and compliance issues dictating the preparation and proper submission of the Medicare Set-Aside Allocation, commonly referred to as an MSA. The goal for this training module is a foundational understanding of why MSA's are needed and how they are defined.

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Wasn't sure about earning my CEU's online, but after taking a few courses am happy that I chose AAACEU's. The articles were very relevant and it worked with my time frame well.
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