Pain Management: Assessment, Treatment, and Special Populations (NA1860)

Author(s): Patsy Barnes, RN, BA

Pre-Approved for: CA BRN, CCAPP, CCM, CDMS, CE Broker Provider, CRCC, CRRN, Delaware BON, FCB, MCBAP-Related, NAADAC

Credit Hours: 2

Course Format

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Course Overview

This course provides a basic education and introduction to pain and pain management. In this course, we will discuss different ways that pain can be managed including non-opioid medications. We will present several complementary and alternative treatments for chronic pain. We will then focus on pain management options for special populations, specifically veterans, and those at the end of life.

Course Objectives

  1. Explain a common barrier to good pain management.

  2. Describe different types of pain.

  3. List several ways of assessing pain.

  4. Discuss types of pain management including complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) treatments.

  5. Describe how pain management differs in special populations, specifically veterans and those at the end of life.

Course Outline

  1. Introduction

  2. CDC recommendations for treatment of chronic pain

  3. Types of pain

  4. Assessment of pain

  5. Types of pain management both traditional and CAM, including opioids

  6. The cannabis dilemma

  7. Pain management in special populations of veterans and end of life

  8. Conclusion

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