Use of Psychedelics for the Treatment and Management of Mental Health (NA2190)

Author(s): Patsy Barnes, RN, BA

Pre-Approved for: ACM, CA BRN, CCAPP, CCM, CDMS, CE Broker Provider, CLCP, CNLCP, COHN/COHN-S, COPS-KT, CRCC, CVE, CVRP, Delaware BON, FCB, MCBAP-Specific , MSCC, NAADAC, RNs, VRA-Canada

Credit Hours: 6

CCM Credit Hours: 4

CDMS Credit Hours: 4

Course Format

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Course Overview

Over the last several years, medical and psychiatric professionals are examining the role psychedelic drugs can play in the management and treatment of mental health issues. 
There is new research regarding the treatment of depression, anxiety and PTSD using psychedelic drugs, in micro doses and under medical supervision, which is very promising. Extensively studied in the l950's and 60's, most of psychedelic drugs were classified as Schedule 1 drugs in l970. This classification indicated that they had high tendencies for abuse and little or no value for medical purposes. There has been a relook at psychedelics and many are now in FDA trials.
In this course, we will review psychedelic drugs and the research being conducted around their inclusion in treatment protocols for mental health issues. The psychedelics discussed will include LSD, MDMA, psilocybin and ketamine. The need for new mental health treatments is obvious.

Course Objectives

  1. Discuss the difficulty of researching psychedelic drugs.

  2. List the various conditions or disease processes that are being investigated using psychedelics.

  3. Present the findings of the global drug survey 2020.

  4. List the history of psychedelic drugs and research.

  5. Describe the drug ketamine, its potential uses for mental health, and its standing in FDA drug trials.

  6. Describe the drug MDMA, its potential uses for mental health, and its progress in FDA drug trials.

  7. Describe the drug LSD, its potential uses for mental health, and its progress in FDA trials

  8. Describe the drug psilocybin, its potential uses for mental health, and its progress in FDA trials.

  9. Discuss the possible business involved in the use of psychedelics for mental health.

  10. Explain how mental health contributes to the labor shortages and need for new mental health treatments.

Course Outline

  1. Overview of Psychedelics for Mental Health

  2. Global Drug Survey 2020

  3. Ketamine

  4. LSD

  5. MDMA

  6. Psilocybin

  7. FDA Process for Testing and Approval

  8. Business of Psychedelics

  9. Effect of mental health and COVID on the "labor shortages" and need for new mental health treatments.

Customer Testimonial

This course is an eye opener, very appropriate and up-to-date, considering the level of current mental health crisis in both our society and worldwide!