Trajectories and Mental Health-Related Predictors of Perceived Discrimination and Stigma Among Homeless Adults with Mental Illness (DA2388)

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Credit Hours: 3

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Course Overview

This course is the PLOS (Public Library of Science) ONE for reviewing trajectories in mental health-related stigma and discrimination experienced by homeless adults with mental illness. This study provides insight into an underserved population and examines the predictive role of mental health characteristics among homeless adults with mental illness.

Course Objectives

  1. Analyze data to comprehend stereotypical barriers for homeless adults with mental disorders.

  2. Maximize knowledge to break through stereotypes for proactive interventions and boost policy changes for better patient outcomes.

  3. Educate healthcare professionals to reduce stereotyping, provide resource information, and build awareness of the homeless populationís needs.

  4. Implement interventions that are population and individualized approach-based to promote healthier living and stability.

Course Outline

  1. Abstract

  2. Introduction

  3. Methods

  4. Results

  5. Discussion

  6. References

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