Recent Advances in Therapies for Eating Disorders (DA2368)

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Credit Hours: 2

Course Format

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Course Overview

This course is the F1000 Research guidelines for progress reviews in utilizing Therapies for Eating Disorders. This study provides a current summary analysis of treatment options and demonstrates how treatment advances are showing efficacy for better health outcomes.

Course Objectives

  1. Examine current therapy options for eating disorders and analyze treatment advances for integrating new interventions.

  2. Optimize the transdiagnostic CBT model's role in designing treatments and the ability to address a wider variety of eating disorder needs.

  3. Implement strategies reflecting person-centered care approaches and modern methods of treatment for better health outcomes.

  4. Monitor interventions for progress with tools to track the maintenance of healthier eating habits and wider access to useful resource information.

Course Outline

  1. Abstract

  2. Introduction

  3. Psychotherapies

  4. Medications

  5. Neuromodulation and neuroimaging

  6. Conclusion

  7. References

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Customer Testimonial

This was my first course from your website. Read it ALL DAY today. As both a person who is a SCI (25 years) and a rehabilitation and mental health counselor, I found the information personally and professionally interesting. I would definitely take one of your courses again.
Shauna B.