Moving Beyond Change Efforts: Evidence and Action to Support and Affirm LGBTQI+ Youth (DA2348)

Author(s): Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

Pre-Approved for: CA BRN, CCAPP, CE Broker Provider, Delaware BON, FCB, MCBAP-Related, NAADAC, RNs

Credit Hours: 8

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Course Overview

This report was prepared for the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) providing behavioral health organizations, researchers, policymakers, and other audiences with current knowledge about LGBTQI+ youth populations. This guidance is a comprehensive research overview and provides important information on behavioral health concerns within this population community.

Course Objectives

  1. Examine the literature to acknowledge the challenges that members of the LGBTQI+ youth population face and the evidence-informed policy options for improving their overall health and well-being.

  2. Comprehend the details of helpful and harmful interventions for these populations in clinical, community, family, and school settings.

  3. Discuss and educate other healthcare professionals to address literature findings and address the lack of appropriately trained healthcare providers to improve the provision of better care services.

  4. Implement guidance recommendations to serve the LGBTQI+ youth populations that are free from historical methods and judgmental bias.

  5. Monitor implemented systems and utilize client feedback to improve or expand necessary care services for better client outcomes.

Course Outline

  1. Executive Summary

  2. Section 1. State of the Evidence on SOGI Change Efforts with Youth

  3. Section 2. Development, Behavioral Health, and Beneficial Therapeutic Approaches with Youth of Diverse Sexual Orientation and/or Gender Identity: A Research Overview

  4. Section 3: Policy Approaches to Support the Behavioral Health and Well-Being of LGBTQI+ Youth

  5. Summary and Conclusions

  6. Appendix A: References

  7. Appendix B: Glossary of Terms

  8. Appendix C: Selected Resources

  9. Appendix D: Contributions

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