Transferable Skills Analysis - A Basic Guide to Finding Related Jobs (HM2025)

Textbook: Transferable Skills Analysis: A Basic Guide to Finding Related Jobs

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Credit Hours: 4

Course Format

Homestudy, Certificate of Completion is available immediately upon passing the exam.

Course Overview


  • Social Security Disability Law
    • Introduction
    • SSDI and SSI - The Determination Disability         
  • Occupational Information and Resources
    • The DOT, the O*NET and the COJ 
    • Vocational Expert Testimony: DOT vs. O*NET 
    • Explanation of Codes        

  • Transferable Skills Analysis
    • The Traditional TSA vs. the O*NET Attempt 
    • Method #1: The Traditional DOT Approach
    • Method #2: The O*NET Approach
    • Commercial Software Programs      

  • Meeting the Daubert-Kumho Challenge
    • Admissibility                 

  • References and Bibliography
    • DOT & O*NET 
    • Transferability, Occupations & Jobs
    • Rehabilitation Consulting & VE Testimony 
    • Admissible Expert Testimony
    • Relevant SSA Court Cases & Rulings 
    • Relevant Web sites 

Course Objectives

  1. Compare and contrast SSDI and SSI

  2. Explain:
    1.) The steps in disability determination
    2.) The Social Security Model
    3.) The four occupational code: (1) Dictionary of Occupational Titles (2) Work Fields (3) O*NET Database (4) Standard Occupational Classification

  3. Describe and compare the two methods of Transferable Skills Analysis:
    Method #1: The Traditional DOT Approach and Method #2: The O*NET Approach (Employability)

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