Chronic Pain Management (HM3005)

Textbook: Chronic Pain Management

Author(s): Yvonne D'Arcy

Pre-Approved for: ABVE, ACM, CA BRN, CCAPP, CE Broker Provider, COHN/COHN-S, COPS-KT, CRCC, CRRN, CVRP, Delaware BON, NAADAC, RNs, VRA-Canada

Credit Hours: 14

Course Format

Homestudy, Certificate of Completion is available immediately upon passing the exam.

Course Overview


Presented in a clear, systematic format, this clinically oriented book provides nurses and physicians with quick access to much-needed pain management guidelines. With a unique focus on treatment options for patients with chronic persistent pain, this guide provides critical guidance on managing difficult conditions such as fibromyalgia and neuropathic pain.

The text expertly assists practitioners in assessing pain in a variety of patient populations and provides professional insight on selecting patient-appropriate medications and interventions to achieve optimal pain management for adult patients.

Key Features:
  • Contains the newest guidelines on how to use a combination of pain screening tools to accurately assess the nature, intensity, and occurrence of patient pain
  • Provides information on new medications and combinations of medications to use for chronic pain
  • Presents essential information on safe prescribing and screening tools such as the Opioid Risk Tool (ORT) and screening tools for aberrant behaviors
  • Provides strategies for utilizing nontraditional treatment options such as acupuncture, energy therapies, and psychological and coping strategies

Section #1: Overview and Assessment of Chronic Pain

Section #2: Pain Management Options

Section #3: Special Considerations for Treating Chronic Pain

Section #4: Treating Common Chronic Pain Conditions

Section #5: Managing Neuropathic Pain Syndromes

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Course Objectives

  1. Discuss the prevalence and demographics of patients with Chronic Pain

  2. Distinguish the use and benefits of the following pain management options:
    1. Non-opioid analgesics
    2. Opioids
    3. Co-analgesics for additive pain relief
    4. Complementary and integrative therapies
    5. Pain Clinic Referrals and Interventional options

  3. Discuss the newest guidelines on how to use a combination of pain screening tools to accurately assess the nature, intensity, and occurrence of patient pain

  4. Formulate strategies for utilizing non-traditional treatment options for chronic pain

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