Accreditations and Approvals
Courses on are approved for the following professional certifications. These licenses and certifications are appropriate for professionals in the rehabilitation community, nursing, case managers and case management, vocational experts, rehabilitation counselors, rehab nurses, social workers, utilization review, discharge planning and more.

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  • Nursing - Accredited/Approved by:
    • California Board of Nursing (CA BRN CEP# 16848)
    • Florida Board of Nursing
    • Delaware Board of Nursing
    • CE Broker (Florida, Georgia, District of Columbia)

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Medical professional taking course from AAACEUs
  • Case Management - Approved by Commission of Case Management (CCMC)

    Case management is a collaborative process that assesses, plans, implements, coordinates, monitors, and evaluates the options and services required to meet the client's health and human service needs. It is characterized by advocacy, communication, and resource management and promotes quality and cost-effective interventions and outcomes.

    The CCM Credential is a prime marker of professionalism and demonstrates to health care employers, consumers, and providers a high level of consistency and quality in case management practice.

  • Rehabilitation Counselor - Approved by Commission for Rehabilitation Counselor Certification (CRCC)

    The CRC certification process is built upon 40 years of empirical research of the competencies and job functions that are vital to the counselor's performance. The exam is the final step in the certification process for rehabilitation counselors.

  • Rehabilitation Professionals (Canada) - Approved by College of Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals (CVRP) and VRA Canada (VRA)

    The College of Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals (the College) is the governing body for Certified Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals (CVRPs) and Canadian Certified Vocational Evaluators (CCVE) across Canada.

  • Social Worker

    The purpose of licensing and certification in social work is to assist the public through identification of standards for the safe professional practice of social work. Each jurisdiction defines by law what is required for each level of social work licensure.

    • As of 9/30/2017, will no longer offer continuing education approved by the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB), through the Approved Continuing Education (ACE) program. All records of courses previously approved and completed can be accessed on your account page.

  • Disability Manager - Approved by Certification of Disability Management Specialists (CDMS)

    The certification demonstrates a commitment to continuing education and skill enhancement as well as high professional and ethical standards. Employers and employees can be assured that their Certified Disability Management Specialists will work with them to achieve optimal health and productivity.

  • ABVE - American Board of Vocational Experts

    The American Board of Vocational Experts is a professional credentialing body established as a not-for-profit organization. Its Diplomates and Fellows have academic preparation in several disciplines (rehabilitation, psychology, economics and various aligned disciplines) and in assessment, counseling and consulting. Prior to completion of the certification process, professionals may be associate or student members of ABVE.

  • ACM - American Case Management Association (accepts RN-approved courses)

    The purpose of the ACMA Certification process is to promote professional practice standards for Hospital/Health System Case Managers. Acute care Case Management practice requires collaboration and an interdisciplinary approach. The Accredited Case Manager (ACM) credential will indicate successful completion of the certification exam.

  • CLCP - Certified Life Care Planner

    The purpose of the CLCP credential is to measure the CLCP applicant's working knowledge of medical systems, associated disabilities, and treatment/maintenance protocol required for a catastrophically disabled individual to sustain life within an acceptable comfort level.

  • CRRN - Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurse

    Certification in rehabilitation nursing indicates that the nurse is an experienced rehabilitation or restorative nurse who has achieved a level of knowledge in this practice area.

  • COHN/COHN-S - Certified Occupational Health Nurse

    By meeting the challenge of certification, the COHN has made a committment to occupational and environmental health nursing and to continued professional growth and development in these areas.

  • COPS-KT - Council on Professional Standards for Kinesio

    Registration by the Council on Professional Standards for Kinesiotherapy (COPS-KT) represents a personal commitment to excellence in the practice of rehabilitation. The guidelines and requirements for eligibility have been established by the Council for the control and regulation of the profession.

  • CNLCP - Certified Nurse Life Care Planner

    AANLCP recognizes the Nurse Life Care Planner as the Registered Nurse (R.N.) who assesses, identifies issues and plans for appropriate interventions, implementation and evaluation in the nurse life care planning process. AANLCP promotes the professional practice that the Registered Nurse delivers to the life care planning process.

  • CPUR - NOTE: The CPUR certification is no longer offered

    The CPUR certification has been replaced by several UTILIZATION REVIEW and CASE MANAGEMENT training programs. Visit: Case Management Essentials for more information. The Case Management Essentials training program offers a 3 part (56 hour online) training program with a Certificate of Achievement awarded upon completion of all 3 parts.

  • CPUM - NOTE: The CPUM certification is no longer offered

    The CPUM certification has been replaced by several UTILIZATION REVIEW and CASE MANAGEMENT training programs. Visit: Case Management Essentials for more information. The Case Management Essentials training program offers a 3 part (56 hour online) training program with a Certificate of Achievement awarded upon completion of all 3 parts.

  • CVE - Certified Vocational Expert

  • MSCC - Medicare Set-Aside Certified Consultant

    The Medicare Set-aside Consultant Certified (MSCC) credential is designed to identify those professionals who work within the workers' compensation benefit system as either a health care professional, legal representative, or as an insurance claims adjuster, who have achieved specific pre-approved training in Medicare set-aside trust arrangements, and have demonstrated a breadth of knowledge regarding the development and application of the Medicare set-aside trust arrangement process.

  • State Mandated Courses - AAACEUs is approved for various specific state mandated courses